Softball Banquet

Parents versus students scrimmage!
May 22nd at 7pm
Come celebrate our season, grub on some food, win some silly awards, and challenge your parents or kids on the field!
Let Coach Kirvan or Coach Witman know if you’re gonna make it!
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Highland Hiker Softball Camp!!!

All girls currently in 4th through 7th grade interested in attending softball camp this summer please email Coach Witman.  The camp will be on June 18th through June 29th from 5:00 to 7:00pm at Highland Junior High.  There is no cost to attend the camp, so come on out and bring a friend!

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Softball falls to Mount Ogden in the Semis

Highland played their last game of the season last night losing to Mount Ogden 19-4 in the semi-finals.  Congratulations on a great season girls; it has been a fabulous year.  We want to thank the 8th graders moving on to Ben Lomond next year for all their hard work they have put in over the last two years and wish them the best in their softball playing days for the Scots.

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Softball falls to Mount Ogden

Hikers lost to Mount Ogden 20-1.  It was a rough game for the Hikers.  Malena Benson started as pitcher, throwing fast and furious however was given a small strike zone with little wiggle room. She was backed by her team, Maddi Holland at 1st, Faviola at 2nd, Marley at short stop, Dawnavin at 3rd.  Hailey in left field, Princess at center (sub Carolina in the 3rd inning), and MJ in right field.  The team made a few errors, but tried to back it up on the next pitch with some tight outs.  Faviola was all over the infield making plays but unfortunately the Hikers were caught flat on their feet a few too many times.  Taya relieved Malena in the 2nd inning to clutch the final out, and she was able to hold her own during the third with limiting the run damage.  Batting saw a few hits by our team but only Hailey Davis was able to make it home.  Next time Hikers!
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Softball plays two tough games last week

Highland tied with Mound Fort Tuesday with an aggressive effort by our team both defensively and offensively.
Starting in the field was Dawnavin Frye playing 3rd, Marley McMillen at Sort Stop, Genesis Chavez, taking 2nd base and Maddi Holland covering 1st. Malena Benson pitched, covering the plate was Celeste Castro. Hailey Davis at Left Field, Princess Peralta at Center Field and MJ Harris, working right.
First inning the Hikers gave up 4 runs to Mound Fort eventually clenching the final two outs at the bottom of Mound Fort’s line up.
Our offensive all star line up quickly stole home putting us ahead 5-4, with Celeste, Hailey, Dawnavin and Melena, all making getting home look easy.
The following offensive inning saw the Hikers flustered with 3 up 3 down. Putting us down by 6 to win. The Hikers came out determined and earned 5 runs easily. Bases loaded our speedy base runner Celeste Castro was on 3rd looking to break the tie with two outs couldn’t find an opening to steal home. Ending the game at 10-10.
Thursday night Highland welcomed Highmark onto our field.
Our lineup incorporated some fresh faces including Carolina Vindiola Garcia lead off batter and covering home plate, Maddie Scadden in center, Ava Cryer playing short stop, Valentina Cerritos playing right, Melena Benson pitching, Faviola Sorto playing 2nd, Katie Santon on 3rd, Ashtyn Sandlin covering left, and Maddi Holland at 1st.
Both Ava and Favi worked the infield hits to gain outs but the Hikers were no match for multiple Highmark grand slams off of Malena’s buttery smooth strikes.
Highland ended the night with a 20-7 loss.
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Softball falls to Mount Ogden

Highland Hikers softball battled the most intense game in hiker history.  Hikers started the first inning with 3 runs by Celeste Castro, Dawnavin Frye and Melena Benson.  Benson also threw some intimidating pitches to hold the Ram runs to a minimum of 2.
Relief pitcher Taya Noriega worked the mound with multiple strike outs.  Managing a 2 run RBI on top of pitching perfection.  Almost every hiker got a hit off of the Mt. Ogden pitcher with multiple RBIs.
The game was decided in extra innings where the Hikers instantly took advantage of the Rams scoring two runs.  However in the last few minutes of the game the Rams stole the lead ending the game at 9-8.
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Softball falls to Highmark

Highland Softball kicked off the season with a tough game against Highmark. Malena Benson pitched remarkable opening season game threatening strike outs every at bat. She also managed two powerful hits for both of her at bats.
She was backed by a tight knit infield held up by Dawnavin Frye at 3rd Marley McMillen at Short Stop,Amaya Gonzalez securing 2nd, who made an awesome catch on a hard hit line drive, Maddi Holland covering 1st and Celeste Castro working over time as catcher and lead off batter.
Outfield was handled by Hailey Davis, Katie Santos, and Genesis Chavez.
Our first at bat saw runs by Celeste, Hailey, Dawnavin and Marley. Our team was held together by relentless cheers and support by our subs, and managers! Nice work hikers we are ready to dominate!
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Highland Softball Team

Congratulations to all the girls who tried out for the 2018 Highland Softball season. This year we would like to congratulate the following girls on making the team:
Maddi Scadden
Ava Cryer
Haliey Davis
Melinda Harris
Leslye Caldera
Ashtyn Sandlin
Madi Holland
Valentina Cardenas
Princess Peralta
Carolina Garcia
Katie Santos
Sabrina Gallegos
Faviola Sorto
Dawnavin Frye
Genesis Chavez
Malena Benson
Amaya Gonzalez
Celeste Castro
Marley McMillen
Taya Noriega
Thanks so much and we will see you on the field Monday the 26th at 3:30.
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Softball is Ready To Start!

Monday February 12th and Tuesday the 13th softball will be having open practices on the field. Meet at 3:30 wear warm athletic clothes, cleats or athletic shoes and bring a glove if you have one.
We will go over basics of the sport as well as throwing, running and hitting.
We will meet again February 20th weather permitting.
This is not mandatory! This will not impact your chances of making the team.
Official tryouts are the week of March 19.
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Highland Spring Sports

Highland Junior High Spring Sport Try-Outs will begin on Monday, March 6th, at 3:30pm.  For more information please email the specific coach.

Baseball – Harold Dabel

Softball – Emily Witman

Boys Soccer – Spencer Luthi

Boys and Girls Track – Jennifer Heilkema

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