Girls Soccer

Girls Soccer Returns to Highland

It has been nearly two years since the last time Highland had a girls soccer game at home. At the game yesterday it was obvious that there was a lot of energy and emotion. Coach Phillie stated before the game to the girls how proud she was of all of them. You girls are staying tough though this crazy year and all of us here at Highland couldn’t be more proud to have our soccer back.
Though the team fell short to Highmark, the team looks to bounce back with another home game Friday against Mount Ogden.
Keep up the good work girls!
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New Head Coach for Girls Soccer!

The athletic department is proud to announce the hiring of Phillie Kealy. Mrs. Kealy will be playing a huge role for the students here at Highland, as she will not only coach girls’ soccer but will also play a significant role in the Physical Education department. Highland is excited to have Mrs. Kealy join both the faculty and the athletic department.

A brief background of Coach Kealy:

Coach Kealy comes to Highland from Southern California. Phillie graduated high school in 2013, where she was a standout athlete in numerous sports including soccer. After graduating high school Mrs. Kealy continued her athletic ambitions in college by playing a key role in both cross country and track at California State University, San Bernardino.

Post-graduation from university, Mrs. Kealy lived in New Zealand for a year where she was able to explore outdoor activities like surfing, snowboarding, mountain biking and white water kayaking. Upon departure, Phillie set her eyes on teaching and coaching. This is where she decided to move to Ogden, for both the landscape and the teaching opportunities. Mrs. Kealy and her husband, are settling in and absolutely love being so close to the mountains.

If you have questions about girls soccer please reach out to Coach Kealy at

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Girls Soccer Needs Players

Highland Junior High is in need of girl soccer players for the upcoming season. Learn from Coach Echevarria, the coach of the Region Champion Ben Lomond Boys Soccer Team. Practice is right after school on the soccer field. Spread the word and show up for soccer!

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Girls Soccer falls to Mount Ogden

The final score of today’s game ended up 8 – 0 for Mount Ogden.  I feel as a team we did much better this game at communicating and this showed at the end of the first half with the score being 2-0.  We took a total of 10 shots on goal and Stephani had 20 saves.  The B team did good as well.  They are learning as they play more and more each time.  They are gaining experience.  I am proud of the work the girls are putting in.

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Girls Soccer beats Mount Fort 9-4

The team worked together and all the players played well!  We have been working on communication and discipline in our positioning, and I thought we did well.  Our hard work gave us our first win of the season.  Congrats to the team!

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Soccer falls to Syracuse Arts Academy

Our girls unfortunately fell to Syracuse and despite not having enough subs the entire team came together and learned to play on the go.  Our keeper was great!  For being her first time ever playing, she looked like a pro!  I am so proud of everyone.  I thought the second half was much better.  We were able to understand our formation and how to cover for each other.  We are excited for the season!

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Soccer District Champions!

I Can, I Will, I Must!!!…. This was our motto for the year!

We came to fight and we were able to play as equals.  Since the beginning of the season, I knew we had a great team and all we had to work on was to believe that we can compete as a unit.
Yesterday was our greatest challenge; we had a monster first half!  We played evenly with Highmark and took a total of 7 shots with Highmark averaging about the same.  We had most of the possession throughout the entire game.  In the second half Nayeli had 13 saves!!  We never lost our discipline in the pitch, and we were able to hold them off.  Everyone participated and fought hard!!
I’m very proud of how the entire team played the semi final against Mount Ogden and the final against Highmark.  Everyone on the team believed we could win and so it became reality!!
I’m very proud of the team and everyone involved (players, assistant coaches, and team managers).
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Soccer Plays For the Championship!

Last night our girls soccer team took on Mount Ogden in the semi-finals.  It was a great game played by both teams, with Highland coming out on top 3-2.  Highland jumped out to a quick 2-0, while Mount Ogden fought their way back to tie the game up at 2-2.  Lindsey Cummins scored late in the second half to give the Hikers a 3-2 lead, and the girls were able to hold off a tough Mount Ogden team down the stretch for the win.  Our girls will play Wednesday night at 4:15pm at HighMark for the championship.

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Girls Soccer Beats Syracuse Arts Academy 5-1

I’m very impressed because we gave the opportunity to some 7th graders to play for the A team, they stepped up to the challenge and we were able to play well as a unit!  We took a total of 18 shots on goal, Nallely continues to be a strong goalkeeper for us and she seems to improve as we continue playing.  Jasmari had a hat trick!  Lindsay scored a goal, and Kate scored as well.
The B team tied 1-1 they are working well, and I’m very impressed with their development and the fact that I was able to move some players up and they played well.  It was great to see!
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Girls Soccer falls to HighMark 0-3

I’m so proud of the girls they came out strong today, we played HighMark as equals!! The game was tied 0-0 by the end of first half the other coach did not know what to do, we got tired at second half and they out ran us on 2 of their goals. We had a total of 15 shots on goal vs their 9. Final score was 0-3

The B team played for 10 minutes each half, I pretty much had to beg the coach. They are doing well and are learning a lot.

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