Cross Country

Cross Country @ Maria Montessori Meet

Highland was represented by Shannon Boothe, Melinda Harris, and Kaylee Falkner for the girl’s cross-country team. They all did very well coming in with their personal best in the heat of the day. Chris Bendinelli represented the boy’s cross-country team for Highland. He also did his personal best despite having an injured leg. This was Highland’s first meet where the runners got to test theirĀ endurance. There were several other schools represented at the meet making it a good meet for the athletes. Despite the heat, all of the runners from Highland survived and did very well.
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Cross Country Meet @ Big Dee Sports Park

The Highland Cross-Country team competed at the Big D Sports park in Ogden hosted by Ben Lomond High on September 14th. Shannon Boothe had a personal best time of 21 minutes. Melinda Harris had a personal best of 19 minutes and 32 seconds. Adrian Terkelson had a person best of 18 minutes and 31 sections.

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Cross Country Meet @ HighMark

Shannon Boothe, Melinda Harris, and Hannah Reed represented Highland at the meet in South Ogden Nature Center. The girls ran 2 miles in the heat. They all did extremely well for their first meet. Hannah came in first for the school with a time under 18 minutes. Melinda came in next for the school with a time under 23 minutes. Shannon Boothe came in next with a time under 28 minutes.

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