Summer Sports Update

      • Earlier in the year might be the best for professional racing thanks to the Spring Classics, but the warmest months of the year are usually the best for us mere amateurs. It’s also worth noting that the sizing on Italian brands like Alé and to a lesser degree Sportful and Castelli can be on the small side. So if one of their jerseys catches your eye, consider going for a bigger size than usual, and definitely try before you buy. If you are a big soccer fan, we recommend you to check this posts with Sport, football, sport news, football news and more.


    • But with the possibility of sunstroke and a torrential downpour in the same ride, it pays to be prepared when heading out this Summer. We’d also recommend a fit that sits close to the skin as this will allow the fabric to do its job better, although we appreciate this is a personal choice – especially for the, ahem, bigger-boned among us. If you love this sport, we recommend to check on the

themonstercycle bike racks

    so you can carry with you all you might require on long trips.

  • The Ogden City School Board and the superintendent have decided that junior high will move from tackle football to flag football this upcoming fall. We encourage everyone to come and tryout, as flag football will be a co-ed sport. More specific information is coming and will be posted as it arrives. Those still interested in tackle football should contact the Ogden Wildcats.


  • Highland is still currently looking for a head cheer coach. The job is posted here. 2019-2020 cheerleaders and families who have questions should email Mr. Belnap at


  • Please be safe and enjoy the sunshine!